Can Leash Holding Be Dangerous?


Everyone loves their pet and would only want the best thing for their furry friends.  Of course you wouldn’t want to do something with them that would hurt either you or them.  So could the mere act of putting a leash on your pet and taking them out be a dangerous endeavor?  It just might be if you aren’t careful.

The first problem that you could run into is that if you incorrectly put the leash on your pet you could cause harm when they try to pull.  If you are holding the leash that is not properly clipped to your pet and they pull or you try to get them to go in a certain direction you could choke your animal.  Also if they get a bit of a start and are suddenly stopped by the neck it could cause your pet to mess up their leg or hip.

One problem for the holder of the leash could be getting the leash wrapped around your legs.  If your dog walks around you a few times you will quickly not be able to move.  In addition if your pup decides that now is a great time to run off to smell a scent you will quickly learn how even a rather small dog can knock you over.

Another possible problem could raise from retractable leashes.  While these seem to provide you a great option for not having a lot of extra leash to wrap about you it does provide some other problems.  If your dog sees something they can dart off before you have a chance to stop them.  This could be a real problem on sidewalk if your pet wants to run off into the road.  Additionally if you put your hands in the wrong place while retracting the leash you could end up with a pretty bad rope burn.

If you are holding a leash for a larger dog you could have some other problems.  If you are holding the leash when the dog decides it is time to chase after a squirrel you could find your arm rather sore or possibly have a dislocated shoulder.  Additionally the sudden jerk of the pull could cause you to fall which could result in any range of things, from a scraped knee all the way to a broken wrist.

So remember to be careful while you are holding your pet’s leash.  Doing so incorrectly could cause some problems for you or your pet.